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Hello fellow dog lovers!  

Our Rippys story...

     As many dog lovers might relate, I love to spoil my dogs.  Nothing gives me greater delight than to see the ecstatic look on my dogs' faces when I buy them a new toy.  But I was becoming frustrated when within days (sometimes minutes) the new toys would become destroyed.  So I had an idea...I got an old, stuffed teddy bear, used a ripper to remove the head, arms and legs, and then I reattached them with Velcro.  I confess, I can't really sew, so this first "prototype" was pretty rough.  But my dogs didn't care....they LOVED IT!  They'd rip the pieces off slowly, relishing the rrrrrriping noise -- they'd rip them off fast -- they'd play tug of war between each other to pull the toy apart and then toss the pieces in the air...then look to me to put it back together again (no, I haven't yet taught them to do THAT for themselves!).  It was hilarious!  At that moment, the Rippys were born.  Before long, all my neighbors and friends were asking me to make "rip apart" toys for their dogs.  I realized there was a real "ripping instinct" that dogs need to satisfy, and that maybe these toys could provide an outlet (and save some shoes and furniture from destruction in the meantime). So I obtained a patent and produced my first order of Rippys.  Today, we are an energetic and growing company...passionate about our toys and passionate about making dogs, and the people who love them, happy.

About us...

     Julie (that's me!) lives with her wonderful husband, two amazing daughters, four fabulous dogs, two beloved cats, and a tank of fun fish, just outside of sunny Palm Springs, California. When not working on the development of the many, new Rippys designs that are in the pipeline, we spend our time fostering homeless dogs and cats (Please join us-- it is very rewarding and so needed! Email me for info. Oh and please spay and neuter your pets!).  Drop us an email to say "hi" or to offer us any feedback.  We would love to hear from you and would especially love any pictures or videos of your doggies enjoying the Rippys! 

Thanks everyone!

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